Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Task & Assignment

What do you think about an assignment and test that student received by the teacher almost everyday? Its only incriminating the student, right? Hmm maybe some teacher say that assignment make the student remind & repeat what was they learn about and test like an examiner for the student. But how about the fact? The fact is assignment and test too much everyday only make the student stress, and find the simplest solution like cheating to their friend (i know teacher don't want we do that, but it is the last way :P). And it also make the student not focus for the lesson, because they always think 'how about my assignment and my fucking test, i don't finish it yet' blalalalalalalalalala......................................................But we not only have an assignment and test to do, right? We also have anothers important thing to do.

Can you imagine if in one day we have more than one test and more than one assignment, what we're going to do? If i become you, i'll stress and give up and in the end i cannot get my best for my test & my assignment. But in real life, teacher always want our best 'performance'. But how can? We have limited ability and we should do all of that. Crazy! Damn it! I'm only ordinary people not a super human that can do eveything perfectly.

Maybe it is only like an uprising from the student, because they start tired with their daily life that should face test, test, test and assignment everyday like me (too much meeeeeen). I'm only hope the best for us and no more student in the world stress because TASK & ASSIGNMENT :)

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