Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ascoolizher 2009

Today (14 March 2009) is opening for our school event - Ascoolizher. This is our second time to hold the event which same with last year, but now we add Saman dance; Photography; Wall Magazine. Last year we only opened for Basket & Volley ball. This event start from 14 March 2009 until 04 April 2009. Sooooooo let's come and join with us, every Saturday & Sunday at SMAN 1 Cisauk. It's totally amazing.
Here there are some photos which i take in first day in this event - Ascoolizher with Etjooo:


  1. di copy dari gue ya to? hueheheheh :)

  2. suryo santai aja kali! whahahaha gak ada saman sih to, gak asiiikkk

  3. emang kenyataanya gagal mau di apain lagi. orang2 jakarta aja pada ga tau ni acara zzzz